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Sol Hot Yoga Studio

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Sol Hot Yoga Studio

7245 E 146th St #130
Carmel, IN    46033

The practice of Hot Yoga has changed our lives; bringing us closer together as a family, and attracting other awesome people to our community. We want you to feel happier and healthier too!  We offer a systematic therapeutic practice that is approachable to all. A mindful practice will renew your physical and mental health.  You will see your best self shining through, and leading to a sense of well being and inner peace.

We feel inspired by the sense of love & connection to our souls.

We feel most connected to thise sense of genuine love, when our bodies & minds are beautifully, effectively, and efficiently.

Practicing yoga helps quiet the chatters in our minds - creating time & space to push [Pause] on the story we keep playing over & over in our heads.  It also helps us listen, and reconnect with the feeling of true alignment in our bodies.

We just happen to offer yoga classes & online meditation sessions.  Are you ready to feel great?